Good Parents Pay

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good parents pay
How did you get through college, did your parents pay for anything or did you do it all alone?

I am just wondering for you students or graduates, did they pay?

I want to go to medical school too, and my mother can not afford to even send me to college, let alone medical school so I am on my own when the time comes. I would not want to burden my mother anyway.

What did you do?

What are good jobs for college students?

The only thing my parents did was teach me a good strong work ethic. I paid for college all myself.

First off, I decided to stay in-state, for tuition to be less. Than I got 2 scholarships (one from the state of Nevada, the other from the University) that covered all of my tuition in full. In fact, those scholarships would actually OVER-pay my account, so I actually recieved an extra 400 dollars a semester. I got PAID to go to college.

However, obtaining those scholarship wasn’t easy. I had to keep my grade up throughout high school, and continue to do so at my university. I Applied to A LOT of scholarships, doing surverys or essays.

Also, In order to pay for all of my books, and parking fees, I have held down a job for all 4 years of my undergraduate studies. I worked Retail awhile, as a store supervisor, and I worked in an office as a project Assistant, making phone calls, or putting together large mailings. Both jobs were vary flexible with my classes, I just had to make sure I left enough time during the “store open” hours to work.

So… I plan on graduating in Spring 08 with a Bachelor’s of Science, and NO debt.
That may change because I will have to go out of state for my graduate studies, but No, my parents still won’t be helping me. I’m on my own, and very proud to be. :)

Beauty Of Annihilation: Perfect Download

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What Is A Good Parent

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what is a good parent
What is a very good parent protection software for the internet or where I can go for reviews?

I’m considering moving the computer into my teen’s room and if I do this, I want a very good parent protection software. Can anyone offer suggestions for one that they have used or where I can go for reviews of different ones. So far all the websites I have found are hosted by the actual program, so I don’t trust them. Thank you!

Internet safety is an extremely important concern and many parents do not realize this until too late. While it is important to respect your child’s privacy you should also know that he or she is safe. There are plenty of good software solutions available for internet safety, such as K-9 web protection which is free or Nanny Net which is available at $49.00.

You can also look for more information about internet safety for your kids at this blog:

Kenny vs Spenny Who Is The Best Parent 1 of 3

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All Kids Health Insurance

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all kids health insurance
How much should the man have to help when both parents work??

Ok- here is another side of the question – since you all seem to think I am not doing my share. I do ALL the cooking, ALL the cleaning, ALL of the getting up in the middle of the night and most of the shopping. I do the disciplining, changing the diapers, helping with the homework, running errands, and still find time to play with the kids too. I do work ten hours a day, he works 8 and I make as much money as him. And let me say that this is all VERY exhausting-especially now that I am pregnant. There are MANY good job opportunities with better pay and beneftis (which his job does not offer now) that he could go get. Right now the kids health insurance comes from me. We get by just fine now with me working but if I were to stay home we will not. I plan on starting an at home business but it takes a while to get it off the ground. We both wanted a big family – but only one of us seems to be doing the work. So really…am I asking so much of him to just do his share???

Same as the woman, equally!

“We’re Number 37″ – Paul Hipp

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Parenting Tools

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parenting tools

Parent Coaching Advice by Randy Cale 5

Stop the Kids from Arguing

One of the most consistent drains on our energy and our enthusiasm is to live in a world where kids are constantly arguing. They argue about bedtime. They argue about eating their vegetables. They argue about homework. They argue about which show to watch. They argue about who owns what toy. They argue about whether it is going to rain or not. They argue about whether it is too cold for gloves.

Sometimes, as children get older, many of us might be inclined to see these arguments as signs of good negotiators or attorneys. Don’t be fooled!

Such Arguing Children Do Not Become Good Negotiators or Attorneys.

Children who are constantly negotiating and arguing over every daily responsibility or necessity learn to waste much of their life energy and ability on useless arguments. You see their time is wasted arguing sometimes for hours over a task that would take them ten minutes.

They become ‘conditioned’ to invest themselves in these worthless arguments, and over time, you see their energy and attention evaporate from those tasks that are more important. If not careful, some of these same children learn to argue with teachers, peers, and coaches in the same manner.

These Children Argue in Ways That Empower False Thinking.

This is what is really dangerous. When children grow up arguing over every little thing, they come to believe that their faulty arguments are worthy of attention and validation.

When kids are arguing over bedtime, it is as if they believe that they know what is best for them — when it comes to bedtime. This is not true. Parents know better.

When children argue about whether or not they should do their homework, they think they know best about homework. They do not. Parents know best.

When kids argue over whether they should eat their vegetables or not, the argument empowers the belief that they should not eat vegetables. Kids do not know best about which food is good for them. Parents do.

If not careful, you will find them arguing as if they know best about absolutely everything. As they move into middle school or adolescent years, you will see that the negotiator has now decided that they truly know more about everything! And…they are willing to tell you about it!

Over and over again, most of the arguments that are driving you crazy have no basis in a valid or meaningful position. While the argument itself is enough to drive you crazy, it is important to realize that these arguments present more risk to your child’s future than it appears. They are not learning to become good attorneys; they are learning to believe arguments that will only waste their life and time.

Stop It Now…While You Can. You have the power to turn off these arguments in your home.

The Secret to Ending All Worthless Arguments and Negotiations

I have always found this to be true: Children never argue with parents who don’t argue with them. It’s that simple.

Your children will only argue if you are willing to stay in the ring with them. So step out of the argument. Not after trying to have the last word, but as soon as the argument begins. Just step out of it. Don’t explain it. Don’t try to get them to understand or agree. Just don’t argue.

When your children say, I don’t want to do my homework…don’t argue. When they say they don’t want to go to bed, or eat their veggies, or take out the trash…don’t argue. When you say no, and they want to argue…just don’t do it.

Hold your ground with your decision, but DO NOT argue about it. (Remember: you never win anyway…and it usually just ends ugly!) So stop it now…while you can.

When you do so, the wise choice to NOT argue will require you to learn how to manage your children’s behavior using your action—not your words. I encourage you to invest in gaining the parenting tools that support your strength as a parent, rather than continuing in these worthless arguments wasting your time and theirs.

Find out more info here and learn more how to enforce better <a href=””>childhood parenting</a> from Dr Cale, PHD, <a href=””>Parent Coaching</a> and Childhood Mental and Emotional Innovator.
About the Author

Find out more info here and learn more how to enforce better childhood parenting from Dr Cale, PHD, Parent Coaching and Childhood Mental and Emotional Innovator.

Parenting Tools – Win Win vs. Compromise

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What Make A Good Parent

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what make a good parent
Do Aries, Libras, and Sagittarius Sign People Make Good Parents?

Aries usually have fiery tempers, can be stubborn, only their opinions matter, blunt, violent, and selfish most of the time – Can this affect their parenting skills?

Libras usually are indecisive, lazy, shallow, don’t like confrontations, perfectionists and emotionally-cold – Can this affect their parenting skills?

Sanitarians usually are irresponsible, wasteful, says things without thinking who it could hurt, always all over the place-they worship their freedom – Can this affect their parenting skills?

And of course all the other signs have flaws as well, But I just want to mainly focus on these 3 right now because I know people of these 3 signs that I am close to… So if your parent happens to be one of these signs (and yes you love them lol) But still, what do you think about them as a parent to you?

My Mom is an Aries – She can have an ‘all about me’ attitude sometimes, but she is a wonderful mother. She was great to me when I was a little kid. We had normal mother/daughter conflicts when I was a teenager, and now we’re best friends.

Libras – I don’t know many, but my favorite cousin is a Libra. There have been times when she’s been indecisive and avoided confrontations, but she loves kids and is sad that she’s not a mother yet.

Sagittarians – I am one. I also love kids, but sometimes I wonder if I’d be a good parent. I would certainly try to be, but honestly, I’m flighty, I do love my freedom, and I’m very independent. Babies, although they’re adorable, make me nervous. I think I’d be a good step-mom to kids that were out of the toddler stage.

Head Case: I’m the Epitome of a Single Mother

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Good Presents For Parents

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good presents for parents

Best Parenting Technique

Discipline is one area I lag behind, I don’t know why it is so hard for me. The only way I can get kids to behave is to say “Wait till your father gets home!” & that doesn’t always work. I thought if only I could get my kids to behave, I can have time for more fun activities with them! Instead of being exasperated with my kids, I could enjoy my kids more. So when my son’s teacher sent me this flyer for a presentation for parents on how to discipline kids, I jumped at the opportunity to attend.

The class was called 1-2-3 magic. Initially when I heard about it, I was very skeptical. It was too simple & I thought “No way is this going to work for Noah”, but I came home & decided to put it into practise & true to the words, it worked like magic. It’s a very simple technique, yet very effective. Here is how it works. Whenever Noah is misbehaving(for eg. bugging his sister, yelling for no reason, generally doing something which he shouldn’t) I don’t get upset, I don’t scold him, instead I tell him in a very calm voice “That’s one” if he repeats it, I say “That’s two” and if he doesn’t stop, “Ok, that’s three” and I send him to his room for 4 minutes(since he is 4 years old). Likewise it’s 2 mins for 2 years, 3 for years & so forth. This technique works for kids from 2 to 12 years. The key is to not lose your temper. The key is to be totally calm. The key is to carry out what you’re saying you will do. After he comes back, I don’t lecture, I don’t ask for an apology, nothing, just get back to playing or whatever he wants to do. Of course when the situation is extreme, like when one kid is hitting the other, I wouldn’t suggest you stand around and count. Just start the time-out right away. Plus 5 minutes of extra time-out for really bad behaviour.

I strictly believe in NOT spanking kids EVER. I hated being spanked as kid(by parents & teachers as well). I have been there & I knew it was wrong then as sure as I know it now. I try to find the best ways to discipline kids without resorting to any kind of physical harm. My kids might forgive me, but I know that I won’t be able to.

I started practising this a month ago & I’ve sent Noah to his room maybe a 4-5 times, not more. I want to tell all parents out there to start using this technique. You have the power, do use it in a positive manner! Good luck! If I’ve convinced even one parent to use this technique, I will be most happy!

About the Author

Nilu Ali lives in Chicago, Illinois with her husband and two kids

Authors@Google presents Steven Johnson: “Where Good Ideas Come From”

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Kids Health Posters

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kids health posters
octomom should be the poster child for Obamas health care plan?

fart out 8 kids run up ,millions in health care costs have the government cover it. then move on get paid to do a tv show and end up wealthy….


Rachel’s Story – IDLE-FREE for our kids

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What Are Good Parenting Skills

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what are good parenting skills
how would you describe parenting skills?

how would you define parenting skills?
who do you think have better parenting skills, older adults of young adults?

Problem: What Is the Effect of age on parenting skills?
Q1: Are older adults more understanding towards their kids?
Q2: Are older adults stricter than younger adults in disciplining their child?
Q3: does being an older parent increase the knowledge of a child?

I don’t think age has anything to do with how good of a parent you are. And take me for example. I didn’t have my lo until I was in my 40s. Rachel C is wrong to judge parents by age. I have a very well behaved 4 yo. And she doesn’t throw fits. And has very good manners. It depends on the person how good of a parent they want to be.

Good Parenting Skills

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Parent Groups

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parent groups
Anyone know of and young parent groups?

Does anyone know of any young parent groups in Surrey?? I get pretty lonely at home, as my boyfriend is out at work, and I can’t go to see my Mum as she is also at work, so it’s just me and the bubba and gets pretty boring, also I would love to meet Mums just like me!! (I am 17) Thank you :) xx
Erm Eva, I’m doing everything “right” thankyou very much, just you and a baby 7-5? I think you would get a little bored, actually.
Thankyou R&C, I will try and find out about that :), and I will indeed ignore them…keep your comments to youself if they’re not posotive!!

hi becca im from n. ireland so im not sure whats in your specific area but i do know that the government funds the SURE START programme in most towns and city’s, the next time you see your baby’s health visitor ask her about the programme it is an excellent facility. oh and just ignore any negative comments that are posted to your question,some people just cant help themselves!

FUN TOGETHER – parent child groups

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Health Quotes For Kids

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health quotes for kids

Insurance Quotes FAQ

$500k Whole Life Insurance quote?
Approximately how much annual premium for this quote with these stats: – 24 year old masculine – excellent health. – Height: 5’7” Weight: 160 lbs Quotes only from insurance companies beside good ratings (no sub-par companies). It is a Common situation many relations have met,calm down,and check the resource i found…

1st Quote = worst insurance company ever, please see below…?
I’m trying to change the car on my insurance, they haven’t picked up the phone for the closing 3 days, the website keeps crashing, they don’t have an e-mail address, so i’ve cancelled the direct debit beside my bank for them. As there regulated by the FSA should i receive in…

1st Quote = worst insurance company ever.?
I sold my car with 4 months remaining on my policy phoned the customer service of this awful company after a long dally a lady answered to say you own to keep your policy until the end I told here I enjoy sold the car and will not need cover, I also told her…

600 sport motorcycle such as the r6 or zx 6r insurance quote contained by Ontario?
Could anyone tell me roughly how much the insurance will cost for a 600 cc motorcycle in Ontario? I’m 20 years out-of-date and i will get my M1 really soon. Also I’ve had my G1 within August 2006, G2 in June 2007, and my G in…

A licensed insurance agency specializing surrounded by Florida Health Insurance. Our free form insurance quotes comfort yo?
A licensed insurance agency specializing in Florida Health Insurance. Our free health insurance quotes back you find quality healthcare coverage at … Be careful.Link spammer.

About commercial liability insurance quote.?
I’m starting up a gift basket business and am working from home. I do not form foods, I buy and resell. Insurance for commercial general liability policy has be quoted at a cost of around $750 to $1,000 a year. Does this sound right to you or should I keep shopping around. I’m base in…

Affordable coupé insurance quote?
Please can any one tell me where i can find info on affordable motor insurance quote Are you in the military or have parents who be in the military? You might be eligible for USAA (they are awesome!!) Farm Bureau is pretty good too. Telephone the insurance agents and companies contained by your area….

Affordable permanent status natural life insurance quote?
What good is affordable term vivacity insurance? insurance website: Forget what the “experts” say and get unharmed life, possibly with a residence rider. Check with Woodmen of the World or Southwest Service Life; those will be hard to smash. Reliable is a good insurance company, too.

Affordable possession energy insurance quote?
What good is affordable term vivacity insurance? Think about this, afterwards determine if Term insurance is really affordable: According to insurance industry studies, the chance of a Term policy paying a death benefit is solitary about 1%. This is the reason that the premiums for Term seem reasonable, because the company will unlikely…

Almost bought a investigational gsxz 1000 until the insurance quote.?
I checked with all the trunk companies and the best deal I had be $335 a month, are you kidding me? I have a verbs record and can’t understand why it cost so much. What does everybody else clear for these bikes? It depends where you have insurance, I’ve…

Am i supposed to grasp three quotes sent to me when I’m involved within fluke but i don’t enjoy any insurance
insurance company wants me to pay for break to other car i have no insurance and i’m currently without a job and on the single parent pension There is no excuse for driving an uninsured vehicle. You…

Any body used this pet insurance?
It seems very passable, and directed to it by E(a)L. Are there any problems with it? Which insurance company would you recommend for lifetime cover? (I abhorrence making decisions!) I have Petplan, my dog was attacked by a fox and diagnosed next to a long term cancer, he was one of the first…

Any System allows a Consumer to solicit competitive insurance quotes for their property?
Each INDEPENDENT agent in your area have access to multiple home carriers (I quote through 10 carriers currently). Or you can give the name agents with Farmers, State Farm, Nationwide, Allstate individually and get their 1 policy offering…. My suggestion: don’t submit an online requested…

Anyone contained by California necessitate a quote on Insurance?
I sell Insurance. Yes, can you email me (a) carlosebastian559(a) OK, this is the deal, im starting a online drop-off store surrounded by san francisco and a accountant told me that because I have other peoples merchandise, and I should have insurance basically incase something gets stolen? do you know how that…

Anyone know an insurance company surrounded by sacramento that can administer me a enormously low quote on sr22?
Try I got a very low quote on sr22 here. some of these will do, good luck

Anyone know whats going on next to my insurance quote?
I am REALLY confused about these quotes i got, i own my test booked for the 10th of december and i am thinking about insurance so i get a quote for me on my dads car, the original quote for me (anticipated full uk license) and my dad (full uk)…

Are here any motorcycle insurance sites that i can achieve a quote minus have reg details?
ive been thinking about a couple of different make and models without actually have one lined up to buy. at least if i know a ruff qoute i can start eliminating bikes. Ok, just try to visit this cheap insurance site my friend …

Are insurance quotes more expensive on-line than if you address to a material party at the insurance company?
There shouldn’t be any difference, assuming that you’re talking about a single company. No. As long as you are accurate within your answers to the questions.

Are nearby any sites where on earth I can bring a motorcycle insurance quote lacking giving adjectives my personal details?
I’m considering getting a motorbike/moped for work, and want to find out the sort of amount it’s going to cost me. I understand they need a few details resembling my postcode to give me a quote, but I really don’t…

Are online insurance quotes out of harm`s way?
they want us to submit a lot of info inclusing social sercurity number, i am afraid they can misuse the information , are my fears legitimate no, since the information asked surrounded by online quotes is too little to be of any use to anyone. the info required can be used…

Are vehicle insurance quotes free?
i just want to know Yes, I have deal with all the leading company’s. One thing I must say tho is if you dont sign up near them they will continue to send you emails and unwanted items mail in reguards to your recent quote. Then some of them verbs to send you junkmail for years….

As a provisional licence holder, where on earth is cheapest to get hold of a insurance quote for a 206 hdi 1.9 HELPPPPPPPPPP!?
as a provisional licence holder, where is cheapest to get a insurance quote for a 206 hdi 1.9 HELPPPPPPPPPP! i very much doubt you will catch a cheap quote but try Hi,, Try ———————— Online…

Bad insurance practice.We get a really crappy quote on a crashed saloon..How heaps offer are insurers competent to d?
Our car was hit beside a shool bus in the parking lot where my wife worked.We give them a printout with all the bills for the ending year,mostly in the last 6 months. They offered 1200.The coupé is 10…

Been quoted £15 by Swintons to replace a lost coup? insurance authorization. Do they adjectives charge this amount?
I’ve supported my local branch for years now even though they were more expensive. I other thought I could just ‘drop in’ when I needed them. But for this charge just to laser print 1 piece of daily I’m moving elsewhere immediately. Rant…

Benefit Life Insurance Quotes?

Best Free Life Insurance Quotes Site?
I was wondering if anyone would be able to convey me what is the best free life insurance quotes / rates site online? The simpler it is and the faster it is to get information from, the better. Thanks. I agree – it is best to work with one agent. Many of the…

Best Profession For Cheaper Insurance Quotes?
what is the best professions to hold if you are after cheaper car insurance as i am currently self employed or free lance at most minuscule what could i stretch my job description to encompass and save some dough? Depends on your state. And if the sports car is being used for work…

Best Term Life Insurance Quotes Ownership?
My wife and I are in our 40’s and 50’s. We have created A/B trusts and transferred our assets to them, and expect to own estates that will benefit from the estate tax saving these trusts afford. We lately both purchased $1M 10-year renewable term life insurance policies that we expect to hang on…

Best Type Policy Life Insurance Quotes for Elderly?
Any suggestions on finding a reasonable life insurance policy for a man 54 in the region of to turn 55 in a month with a spouse would be appreciated. He have a soon to expire term life insurance policy at the present. He requirements the best for his money. Is…

Buildings and contents insurance quote by quinn direct insurance house insurance?
Never heard of them. Try, they will force out the top insurers and get you the best prices available. uh, my firm is with these, they enjoy an easy online quote thingy I used to try all different companies, I then found LLoyds…

More Insurance Quotesquesions please visit :

About the Author

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