To Be A Good Parent

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to be a good parent

Top 7 Parenting Tips for Good Parenting: Bring Out the Best in you and your Kids!

Even though we need a license to do many things in life — everything from driving and operating a forklift to practicing medicine and fishing — there is no license required to become a parent and this is often the trickiest of all of the above activities!
Parenting today is far more difficult than it was, even a generation ago. Many well-intentioned parents are using outdated and ineffective parenting styles. As a result, they experience daily frustration and stress in their home.

Below you will find my top 7 tips for good parenting. These tips inspire children to want to be well behaved, can reduce family fights and boost family joy.

Good Parenting Tip #1 – If you love your kids—put yourself first!

One of the best things we can do for our children is to give them a foundation for becoming a happy and healthy adult. Self-care should not be a luxury for parents—it needs to become a necessity. You need self-care both for being a good parent and a healthy and balanced human being. Far too many children are living with parents who are stressed out and frankly, not at all fun to be around. If you are repeatedly burning the midnight oil, you may be on the brink of parent burnout—not a pleasant thing for you or your family to experience.

Good Parenting Tip #2 – If married—put your marriage before your kids!

Most of us have heard of Generation X and Generation Y. But did you realize that Generation S—Generation Spoiled—is on the rise? Many children today are raised with an unhealthy sense of entitlement because their parents have made them the center of the universe. With divorce statistics still hovering around 50%, children are far too often coping with unhappy, failing marriages and divorce– much worse for them than missing out on a couple of toys or brand name jeans. Take a stand and put some time into your marriage (like go on a date night)—for your whole family’s sake!

Good Parenting Tip #3 – Cherish your children

No matter what your situation—no matter how often your children drive you crazy—know there are thousands of people in this world who would gladly trade places with you. There are couples who would give anything to just have a child. Strive to remember how truly fortunate you are. Hug your children at least three times a day. Regularly tell them how grateful you are to have the opportunity to be their parent.

Good Parenting Tip #4 – Teach your kids to fish—don’t fish for them!

Many parents do everything for their kids. This only robs their children of the opportunity to learn self-reliance—which is vital to building their self-esteem. One of the best things you can do is to help your kids learn how to do things for themselves. One of the chapters of my first book on effective parenting is called “How To Get Your Kids Doing Their Chores Smiling”. Some parents think I am from another planet when I even suggest that kids can learn to do chores with a smile on their face. These same doubting parents are often happily surprised when they see it is possible—in their own home and in this century! Household chores teach basic life skills everyone needs to know. Also, chores give children the opportunity to contribute to the household in a positive and meaningful way.

Good Parenting Tip #5 – Focus on what you like, not on what you don’t

If children aren’t being appreciated and aren’t getting attention for what they do well—and when they behave well—you better believe they will learn to get attention for not behaving well. The more you notice what you like about what they’re doing, the less likely they are to morph into destructive little terrors and the more likely you will inspire your child to repeat the good behaviors and achievements you love.

Good Parenting Tip #6 – Give respect and expect it in return

Don’t do anything to your child that you wouldn’t want your child to do to you. The list of things you don’t want to be doing includes: yelling, hitting, spitting, and put downs. There are far better ways for you to handle conflict, stress and common misbehaviors. Commit to learning these “Ultimate Parenting” tools that are based on mutual respect—not fear based punishment that only teaches our kids to not get caught next time!

Good Parenting Tip #7 – A family that plays together stays together!

Have fun—play with your kids. Laughing, tickling, and enjoying one another’s company is the foundation of a happy home. Having fun can go a long way towards preventing much of the needless conflict and behaviors that drive you crazy. It also provides your family with much needed quality time.

These seven effective parenting tips above are child-proofed, effective and fun. By taking the time to learn how to bring out the best in you and in your children, you will reap the rewards that come from the peace of mind—knowing that you did all you could to support and nurture a happy and healthy family life.

About the Author

Kelly Nault-Matzen, MA, family counselor, corporate parenting spokesperson and award winning parenting author of When You’re About To Go Off The Deep End, Don’t Take Your Kids With You shares time-tested tools that motivate children to want to be well behaved, responsible and happy! To gain access to more parenting tools and to access your free online parenting course visit

If you sleep in at my house, you are “Doom”ed.

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Parents Help

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parents help

Are Parents Helping or Enabling Their Adult Children?

The primary job of a parent is to prepare their children for how the world really works. We teach and train our children from childhood the knowledge and skills necessary to become independent adults, self-sufficient and upstanding members of society. In the real world, you don’t always get what you want.

Many young adults today have unrealistic expectations when they initially go out on their own. Many feel they are entitled to immediately live a middle-class life style (or better), because that’s what they’re used to. They weren’t born, or were very young children, during the years their parents struggled to make ends meet, pay their bills (and on time), having to eat hot dogs and beans instead of steak dinners, struggling to live within their means.

Many young adults are living at home with their parents, not out of true need, but out of what I refer to as the “Whine Factor.” They whine about the costs of housing, and how they just “couldn’t possibly live in a tiny little apartment, in a sub-standard neighborhood.” They whine about having to live on red beans and rice, ramen noodles, or macaroni and cheese, because their current salary doesn’t allow for the kinds of meals they were used to at their parents home. (Someone get me a tissue…..snif)

What happened to teaching our children how the Real World is?! That in order to have the things you want, you have to work very hard. That you have to perhaps work two jobs instead of one, all the while going to college? Many young adults, some who now have children of their own, believe their parents somehow “owe them” financial assistance, to rescue them from the burden of their own poor money-management habits! Excuse ME…?!

Let me see if I get this right. Young adults, married or living together, working full-time jobs, with or without a child to support, choose to spend their money frivolously, rather than ensuring they are living within their means, and when they run into financial trouble and can’t pay their bills, the parents OWE it to their children to rescue them?! Sometimes even expected to “help” many, many times over? Huh?!

I’m of the thinking that if my grown, adult children, CHOOSE to spend their money on things they “want” rather than their “needs” (like a place to live, utilities, food, etc.., like the rest of us do) and their electric gets shut off because of non-payment? Okay! So their food goes bad and they have to throw it away. Maybe, just maybe, it’s more of a “help” to allow them to experience the consequences of their own poor choices, in order to learn the valuable lessons needed to be grown, independent ADULTS.

Rescuing them from their choices and subsequent consequences, giving them money as a fix to their immediate self-made problem, allowing them to move back in with their parents, this is called “help”? I think it’s actually enabling our young adult children rather than help, preventing them from the realities of the real world. In the real world, you work long and hard for the things you need and want. That’s the only way to truly appreciate what you have, when you’ve worked very hard for it, all on your own.

Sometimes the best help of all parents can give is saying no. Parents need to Close The Bank Of Mom And Dad

About the Author

Hello, my name is Lin Burress and I’m the author of “Telling It Like It Is”. Topics discussed on Telling It Like It Is include, but are not limited to:

Abuse issues, Blogging Tips, Dating Tips, Family issues, Children and Teens, Blended Families,
True Friendship, Caring For The Elderly,
Parenting, Marriage, Divorce, Relationships and more.

HELP! I HAVE NIGHTMARES!!!! & My Parents Compare Me To My Sister

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Step Parenting

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step parenting

Divorce to Remarriage: Your Step by Step Guide to Step-parenting

Preparing for remarriage is a time to focus on the realities of step family life. Is it going to be hard – you bet! Will there be rewards – sometimes, but not always! Is it worth it – depends on how hard you’re willing to work to make it successful. Let’s look at some pitfalls to avoid…

People rarely have a clue what a relationship with a step-child will be like. It’s not because we’re stupid. It’s just that there aren’t any guide books for step families. We just assume it’s ok to play by biological family rules. A lot of false beliefs happens as a result of this. Today, I’d like to look at some of the most common and present a more realistic view of what you’re likely to experience.

1. I get along fine with the children now, so our relationship will only improve once I’m married to their parent.

Children view their relationship with you VERY differently once you are married to their parent. Things are permanent now. Any hopes they may have been holding onto about mom and dad reconciling are dead, and you’re a part of that death. This quite obviously can cause serious resentment.

2. The kids are only over every other weekend. That shouldn’t cause much of a disruption to our home life.

Just because a child is over every other weekend, doesn’t mean they can’t wreak havoc on your home and life. I receive tons of questions from fledgling step-parents struggling with what to do to manage what they view as the “disruption” to their lives when the kids come to visit. It’s not that they don’t like the kids, it’s just that their usual schedule gets turned topsy turvy.

3. My partner loves me. so obviously their kids will too.

Nowhere does it say that just because a child’s parent loves you, that they have to. Many kids have the opinion that they already have 2 parents and they aren’t interested in having any more. Your goal in the beginning needs to be for a friendly, civil relationship – not one full of love. If you get love, great! But, don’t count on it.

4. I’m an adult… How tough can it be to win a kid over?

It can be VERY difficult to “win over” a step-child. The problem is your attitude. It’s really a manipulative one. Rather than “win” them over, the focus needs to be on being present in their lives and slowly trying to build a relationship with them.

5. I won’t have to be the “bad guy” with these kids. My spouse will take care of all the discipline.

While this SHOULD be the way things go, it rarely does. Most of the time single parents are so happy to have another adult in the house, they expect that person to step in and share the responsibility of discipline.

6. My new spouse will make sure the kids treat me with respect.

This is another one that SHOULD happen, but unfortunately a lot of parents are still wrestling with a sense of guilt over breaking up the family. The guilt continues as the parent feels that the children are being forced into a new and different family. Guilt can get in the way of biologicaly parents requiring their children to treat the new member of the family with respect.

About the Author

There are a lot of factors that determine what your relationship with your step-child will look like. Today we looked at the most typical of reactions. If you’d like to learn others, come join us at today for tons of resources, articles, forums and videos on creating the remarriage & step family of your dreams!


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Good Parenting Skills

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good parenting skills

Good Parenting Skills In Financial Knowledge Thus Attain Financial Empowerment And Money Basics

Good parenting skills is training your kids when they are small in gaining financial knowledge. This is because they will never forget even when they become adults. That is why if you want your children to be financially responsible, you have to start teaching them money basics like saving. Get a nice looking jar and teach the kids to be putting aside some cash and throwing it in the jar instead of spending all of it on toys and sweets.

After the money has accumulated to some amount do not take it from them, open the jar together with them and let them use the money to buy something of their choice. This will make them see the importance of saving money. They will realize that keeping money aside pays.

When they are a bit bigger, you can set up a business together with your children or child. Let them work in the business and earn money. It can be just a small thing, like starting an ice-cream stand, selling lemonade, sweets or making something and selling it.

When you get the profit (of course you explain that this is the cash you get after subtracting all the cost), split it and let the kids have their share. Let them understand that though you might be a partner, the business is ultimately theirs. These are parenting skills that ensure children learn how to better their personal finances thus achieve financial empowerment.

Train your children to save and invest some of the money you give them as pocket money. Challenge them to start some business projects with the cash they have managed to save up and watch how creative they can be. What ever you do though, be careful not to kill their personal dreams. Support them in what they want and not force them to do what you think is best for them.

About the Author

Stephen shares his experience in Personal Growth Tips that will definitely Add Value to your Life. Website:- Self Improvement Tips

Parenting Skills for the Masses

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Parenting Skills Worksheets

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parenting skills worksheets
Where can I sell my pre-school education books?

I ahve developed pre-school education books for parents to work through with their children. Each worksheet has a specific skill and the parents work with their children to build up the basic skills a child should be taking to school. I am a qualified teacher with international experience but have struggled to find a market even though I have sold some and had positive feedback.

you can try the yahoo auctions and ebay

COPE24 Overview

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Games For Kids

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games for kids

Bible Games For Kids – Playing With Purpose

Let’s not play games here or maybe we should! Let me clear this up. The games I like to play are Bible games with a purpose. If someone looks into my classroom during a kids Bible lesson they might think we are just playing around. This is only partly true. We are playing… but this playing has a definite purpose. Kids Bible games are part of the learning process. This process uses Bible games and activities that hit the Bible lesson from different angles and perspectives. Games and activities hit various learning styles too. The cool thing is that kids learn while having fun!

Games Teach That Church Is Fun

Do we really need to teach that? I mean, the church is a place to be quiet. You need to at all times be reverent and look pious. Uh, no… you don’t, and especially not in the kids ministry area. I like noisy churches with lots of laughter and learning going on. It needs to be alive and on fire with the living, breathing, powerful word of God. I’ve seen a lot of churches over the years and this is one thing I don’t compromise on. Kids Bible lessons should be exciting, captivating, encouraging and here is that word again…fun! They need to be full of Bible games, joy and laughter! Kids learn through play with a purpose. Bible games teach that even though you are in church, you can have fun too.

Lesson Review

I use Bible games for kids to reinforce what was taught in the Bible story. Here are some ideas that have been kid tested and found fun and effective:

* Play a card matching game similar to concentration using images from your Bible lesson. Make two cards of each image and turn the cards so the image can’t be seen. Kids try to make matches from the cards. For instance a Bible lesson on creation would have images of trees, animals, fruit, etc. Yeah this isn’t new but kids really like it. A simple game like this works even for the youngest kids so it is perfect for multiage groups.

* Turn over the letter card. Kids take turns guessing and turning over the letters to reveal the name of a character in the Bible story, a main point or the Bible memory verse. The idea is to guess the proper letters to reveal the word. This is an example of another tried and true Bible game that works great.

* Use a deck of cards with questions to quiz the kids on the Bible lesson. Take it up a notch and display the questions using PowerPoint. Play as teams or as a large group. My experience is that kids pay attention for a longer period of time when they know the information will be used in a Bible game for review.

Kids Apply the Lesson

Application is one of the most important benefits of Bible games for kids. Take some creativity liberty, explore the kids Bible lesson and choose an important aspect of it to apply. Let’s say your Bible story is about being filled with God’s love, compassion or the fruit of the Spirit. Make a masking tape heart on the floor. Kids roll marbles or pitch paper wads into the heart to fill it up.

I did a lesson on water baptism. I put toy figures on a plastic plate and floated the plate in a pan of water. The kids pitched coins into the plate to immerse or baptize the figures. They still talk about this one and ask to play it again. I found out later that some kids had anxieties about being immersed in baptism. This simple, fun Bible game eased their anxiety about baptism. Bible games for kids are playing with purpose. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to help you create games that apply the kids Bible lesson.

Fun for the Fun of It

Kids are being forced to grow up fast, sometimes too fast. 4th and 5th graders are like 7th and 8th graders a few years ago. Often kids are pressured to act older and be cool. Kids need a time to relax, have fun and act like kids! Yeah, I believe in Bible games for kids and playing with purpose. But, I also believe that just allowing kids to be kids serves an important purpose too!

About the Author

Hi –  My name is Brad Miller.  My passion is to create fun and effective resources for anyone who ministers to kids. I create, write and publish kids Bible lessons under the title of Kickrickulum Fun Bible Lessons for Kids. For more creative tips, teacher resources and  free sample Bible lessons, visit our site and sign up for our newsletter!

Picnic Games for Kids Indiana Jones Characters

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What Are Good Parenting Skills

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what are good parenting skills
how would you describe parenting skills?

how would you define parenting skills?
who do you think have better parenting skills, older adults of young adults?

Problem: What Is the Effect of age on parenting skills?
Q1: Are older adults more understanding towards their kids?
Q2: Are older adults stricter than younger adults in disciplining their child?
Q3: does being an older parent increase the knowledge of a child?

I don’t think age has anything to do with how good of a parent you are. And take me for example. I didn’t have my lo until I was in my 40s. Rachel C is wrong to judge parents by age. I have a very well behaved 4 yo. And she doesn’t throw fits. And has very good manners. It depends on the person how good of a parent they want to be.

Good Parenting Skills

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Kids Health Quiz

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kids health quiz
Just because quiz. Various questions.?

Government Health care or Private healthcare?

Private school or public school?

Conservative or Liberal?

Abortion or adoption?

Make cigs a controlled substance or leave as is?

Energy efficient or cheap?

Gas guzzler or gas sipper?

Control your own kids or wait for somoene else to (school, gov’t)?

Gun control or right to bear arms?

Democrat or Republican?

In case youre wondering, i’m for gov’t healthcare as long as they provide the option for private healthcare; i’ve been in both public & private, and prefer private; i’m liberal; i think it’s a personal decision to have or not have an abortion, and adoption is a perfect solution; cigs should be made illegal; i love energy efficent items, but they’re too expensive; i drive a gas sipper; parents should handle their own kids..not the schools; gun control (and more of it); independent

Government Health care or Private healthcare?

Private school or public school? either

Conservative or Liberal? idk


Energy efficient or cheap? idk

Gas guzzler or gas sipper? idk

Control your own kids

Gun control or right to bear arms? idk


England’s Sexual Health Quiz

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Parenting Problems

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parenting problems

Teaching Parenting Advice-Work The Plan

All throughout the parenting process, you’ll find yourself thinking and even daydreaming about things like wonderful times you will spend with your child, but you have to put that one on hold just for now. Proper parenting skills are a major requirement in this lifelong child rearing preparation process and you have to be sure that you are equipped with good parenting skills.

Teaching Parenting Advice

The right parenting path will lead you to self-comfort most especially in those difficult situations that you are most likely to face in the future with your offspring. Parenting skills are something that you must become skilled at and it is basically earned.


> To find out answers to solving your parenting issues, you can talk to another parent whom has actually gone through that same situation with their before. There are parenting forums that are available online nowadays and some are equipped with online chat options. There are many websites about parenting and you can find nearly all solution to every type of situation out there. Try to look at how other parents have ended their issues and what their solution was and try to see if that may actually work for you.


Even after all of your children have grown up, they will still come to you for advice. Parenting is nothing but a continuous process. Being a parent is nothing but a priceless job. Many parents face the problem of trying to find the right solutions to help their child with their problems so rest assured you are not the only parent with this problem. A child has to be taught how to take on responsibilities for all and any actions that they perform and they should be responsible for whatever consequences (from doing bad decisions) that lies ahead them.


Do not be surprised if you discover that you’re really seeking to fulfill what you lacked in your childhood. By allowing your child to experience his/her, life to its fullest on their terms within a safe boundaries level of responsibilities is considered as the greatest gift to give your child. As young as two years old, a child can start learning to do easy chores. If you suddenly noticed that you constantly give in to your child’s whims, take a pause and ask yourself what made you do such a thing.


If the situation is for a frustrated child, you can then say, “I know that you are irritated right now since you having a hard time finishing building your Lego tower, even I understand that it is hard to leaving your Lego tower unfinished”, which will help to gain more cooperation from your child. To gain cooperation from their child, Always give your child two choices – Being the parent, you are allowed to pick at least two choices that are both acceptable to the both of you when you offer it to your child.


Going out alone is just not an option for children any more. Parents are trying to guide their children to the best of their knowledge by reliving their very own childhood/teen years and the truth of the matter is that parents haven’t really moved forward to present times. Do not let fear overcome you, the joyful experience that a child can bring to their parents is enough to pay for all the hardships that you will endure in rearing a good child. Give your child some freedom, so that they can start learning on their own and how to do things alone.


Arranging family dinners actually depends on how chaotic your current family schedule is, this will then help you determine how great of a challenge it will be for you to change your current method thinking.


To summarize a little teaching parenting advice.

> Parents should turn off the television during dinner time so that you can focus on family conversations. During dinner, there should not be anyone talking on the cell phone or playing electronic game (except for emergencies).

> After finding that your family is now beginning to enjoy the family quality time and are beginning to look forward to your family spending more time together, they may even ask that family dinners be extended. If your family want to spend more time together by extending night time dinners, then you will know for sure that indeed good memories are made. Always remember that it’s important to always start small to make family changes. Your family will need time to adapt and to absorb this new family dinning time experience. It’s better to make gradual routine changes as opposed to major drastic changes that will certainly bring about all kinds of objections amongst your family. If family bonding time begins your family members feel good then they are most likely to want to experience the family bonding time again so keep the conversation light, bubbly, happy, inspirational and upbeat for the whole family.

About the Author

teaching parenting advice
Simple parenting techniques that tame difficult kids. Free trial.

Parenting Advice : Solving Child Behavior Problems at Home & School

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Kids Health Activities

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kids health activities
What are your suggestions for encouraging Canada’s kids to be more physically active?

With a recent health report giving Canadian kids a failing grade for physical activity, what practical suggestions do you have for encouraging children and teens to become more active and interested in fitness?

Health report gives Canadian kids a D

Keep your kids healthy

Get your kids moving

Forget about face time

buy wii fitnees

Activities by the AAYC at the 2010 Health Kids Day; Amarillo, TX

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