Best Ways To Raise Kids

24 Best Ways To Raise Kids, Version 1.0

Use A Stay-At-Home Mom To Babysit.

One of the best things I did while raising my daughter was having a babysitter who was a stay at home mom with children of her own after taking the time to make sure our values coincided. It beat taking her to a day-care and dropping her off with 40 other kids. She learned a lot and stayed with this babysitter until 12.


Just Talk.

Spend time with kids on weekdays and weekends. Talk to your kids about everything good or bad it really makes a big difference if they feel like they can come to you for anything.


Saying “No!” to “No!”

One of the best secrets I have for raising kids is limiting “no’s”. The more you childproof your home, the fewer “no’s” need to be said. Children who can freely explore their world develop into fuller, curious, and intelligent beings. A “no” holds back a child.


Just Listen.

There is only one thing that parents need to do to raise good kids. Parents need to listen. Listening to your children is so very important. It opens the lines of communication and trust between parent and child. In many situations, the only thing a child wants is to be heard. As a parent if we listen to our children we gain the ability to help guide them. The only way to understand a child is to hear what they have to say about a situation.


Be An Example Because You Already Are.

My best secret for raising kids is to always be aware that you are the most likely example they will learn behavior from and imitate it in their own relationships later in life. It is really important to me that my children develop compassion for fellow humans that are less fortunate than they are. Thus, I introduced my children to volunteer work such as at a food bank and a wildlife sanctuary. I hope that my example will teach them to be a compassionate person who is good to the people and animals around him or her.


Give Them Choices.

Being a dad of a young child, you need to find things that work for YOUR child, as all children are unique. The one tried and true secret that works for my four-year-old is giving him choices. Telling a child what to do or what to eat does not always work in certain situations, but if you give them a choice, they feel like they are in charge and feel more independent and are less likely to resist what you are asking.


Teach Respect For The Work Of Others.

My secret for raising well-behaved children is to teach them respect for other individuals, typically by describing the work my children see them doing or even having them help out with the work. I remember my mother asking me to help the filling station attendant check the oil in our family car; simple requests like these gave me a sense of responsibility, triggered my curiosity, and taught me to appreciate the work other people do to keep our lives going. When children respect the people around them and are curious about what they do, they are less focused on their own wants and needs (usually wants). Hopefully, this will lead them to be kinder, more compassionate, more socially-conscious adults one day, too.


Let Them Be Kids.

Let them be kids. They’re going to get dirty, get in trouble, make mistakes – but it’s all a part of growing up. Let them be, and encourage them to do what their hearts tell them to… And be ready to cheer them on, or give them a big hug and comfort them when they need it.


Punish Early.

My method is to punish them when they’re real little. If you teach them to fear you when there little they will always listen to you.


See Through Their Eyes.

Listen to your kids. Try to see the world through their eyes. That way, you will better understand their motives and behavior.


Honestly, Tell The Truth.

Be honest. Do not lie to your child to cover something up, losing their trust is not worth it. No matter what it is.


Read To Them.

My best secret for raising kids is to read to them. Expose children to a variety of literature and genres and spend time reading with them one on one.


Be An Angel. A Guardian Angel.

The best thing that I can tell any parent about parenting is remember that you are your child’s guidance not a dictator. Think of parenting as being a guardian angel. You want to guide them the right way, whispering in their ears words of love and wisdom, giving them enough space to make mistakes and learn on their own. Molding of these beautiful little puddles of clay will take time and patience as well!


Teach Traditions And Ethics.

What I am teaching for my 9 year and 5 year boys is the value of our tradition and ethics, the way to behave as a person, how to help others if anyone needs it. I think once they learn about all these, they will be great in their future. Apart of these treat every living thing as a god.


Raise Them With All Your Heart

Raise them with all your heart. Show you care and pay attention to them. If you wanted, spoil them, they’ll stay close.


Routine. Routine. Routine.

The secret to well behaved kids is routine. You must have a regular routine for sleep, school work and playtime. If they know what to expect day to day it makes better behaved.


Be Open. Be Honest.

the key is to be open with them. whether it’s about the facts of life or drugs, or anything that they may need to learn but may also be a little awkward, simple be honest, if you have experience say so, if you don’t also say so. and realize that they might not reach the same moral conclusions you did.


Open Your Ears.

There is one secret for raising kids – LISTEN. Take the time to open your ears and hear what a child is saying before you react. This will allow you to teach your child many things, including making the right choices.

Responding To Praise And Attention.

Children respond well to praise and are very competitive for attention. When one is naughty, praise another child nearby who is behaving well and the naughty one will start acting better. Also, to prompt better behavior, I say, “I like the way you are…” (even when the child isn’t). Soon the child will start asking, “Do you like the way I am…”.


Be Patient.

Patience is key. Kids have a lot of energy so they get into a lot of things. Remember when you’re trying to get them under control to stop, breathe, and remember to be patient. Learning good behavior is a process.


Follow the Bible.

I discipline them with strictness and love just like what the bible described in disciplining a child. I always have time for them even if I am working I still spend as much time as I can. And I always teach them about good things on how to treat other people. And I am always there for them when they need me.


Imagination Without Pressure.

Pressuring and bribing your children to succeed is poisonous and can have disastrous results. The best way to raise well behaved, thoughtful and smart children is to encourage their imagination and to turn off all of the video games for two hours a day and encourage day dreaming. That’s what I did for my two boys and they have the most friends, and get the highest grades all on their own. It’s very healthy for them.


Survey Seniors.

I took a survey of 40 parents ages 65-90. I asked what was the most important point of parenting advice they could offer me, a new parent. Overwhelmingly, the majority of them said that I should LISTEN to my children.


Creative Expression.

Find ways of allowing your children to creatively express themselves. Even if it is just daydreaming, a child expressing themselves is therapeutic for the mind. On the same note, don’t medicate as a crutch. A rite rolled child may grow up to be an excellent accountant, but the same child without the Ritalin may have been the next great musician of their time.



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