Get Your Child to Listen!
Pay Attention!
Behave! And Respect You!


“Such simple ideas to incorporate and an absolute pleasure to see a child transform before your eyes! Thank you!

  • Sabrina DaSilva Friesen; Winnipeg, Manitoba

The best guide for a happy family!

  • Mona Anter; Giza, Egypt

“A perfect guide for mom and dad to grow with their kids.”

  • Sanchaita Khajuria;
    New Delhi, India

“I can now say I always look forward to doing more with my son, taking into account how well he responds to the tips we’ve aimed to follow as a result of your advice.  Thank you so much for all the help you’ve sent our way.  If my son only knew the things you’ve taught us, he’d love you guys as well!

  • Jhulie Nery;
    San Diego, USA

“As I work as a child psychotherapist, behavioural therapist, and neurology nurse specialist I am always keen to keep up to date with any different approaches for family therapy and child behaviour. Your little ebook, Democratic Parenting is just great and the advice given is perfect. As a professional therapist I am more than happy to support the techniques and strategies you recommend. Best Wishes.”

  • Joseph Grennell;
    Republic of Mauritius

“A helpful, fun and informative source to assist all parents raising happy children.

  • Zue San; Singapore

“I just downloaded your e-ebook a few days ago and am happy to say that it has already made a huge difference in my attitude towards my three and a half year old and his attitude towards me! It’s a win-win situation!!! I’m learning each and every minute along the way of this beautiful parenting journey!”

  • Tarannum; Durban,
    South Africa

“Life is so much easier since getting your program. All the info provided was so simple and easy and really does work. We weren’t having major behavioral problems but it was definitely enough to stress me out and now it is over and I am HAPPY! Thanks”

  • Sarah; Gold Coast, Australia

“I have certainly enjoyed all the mails you have sent to me and forwarded them along to my daughters…I can tell you that with the 3 year old, the change in her is already amazing….

  • Kristiane; Severna Park, USA

How to Get Your Child to
Listen, Pay Attention and Behave!
in Any Situation… Without using
Threats, Bribes or Freak-Outs!

What is Democratic Parenting?

Democratic Parenting is an approach to parenting that is focused on raising a generation of clear thinking children whom are motivated not by fear, doubt nor insecurity, but guided by love, good judgement and respect. The ebook contains an entire system as to how to accomplish this without using coercive, punitive or reward systems.

Democratic parenting is a system that builds trust between you and your child. Creating mutual respect. It’s a complete methodoly. Yet, it’s dynamic enough to fit into any family’s life. Using it, your child is inspired to have good judgment and clear thinking. Behavior improves as your child learns self-discipline through Natural Consequences (chapter 14). Concentration, focus and attention improves through using the methods in the ebook together.

How does it Work?

It’s not easy to raise kids – let alone happy kids! With the pressure and challenges that come with our modern world, children face unprecedented challengs today. Yet they are quickly growing and will soon find themselves in a future that we can’t possibly imagine today. How can we best prepare our kids? This ebook helps answer this question. Watch the video below for some example of Democratic Parenting in action.

Who is it for?

This ebook is not just for families with behavioral challenges, this ebook is for all parents. It’s a useful reference for all caregivers of children who want to raise a truly empowered next generation. Grandparents, babysitters, nannies and teachers will all find Democratic Parenting of great value and encouragement.

Does it work Better for Boys or Girls?

Who says you need to discipline boys and girls differently to get them to listen? The truth is that you DON’T. However, some differences are important to understand. One of them is how boys are usually encouraged to repress their feelings in the modern society more than girls are.  Regardless of these differences, Democratic Parenting includes parenting and discipline strategies that equally apply to both genders.

Does it Work with Teens?

We developed this program as a way for parents to learn how to control the hidden triggers of misbehavior, and how to respond to the needs without resorting to authoritarian or permissive discipline.

Although the current edition of the Democratic Parenting ebook is focused on kids from one to twelve, parents of teenagers can apply the exact same principles and methods with teens.  Communication, limit setting, family meetings and natural consequences are some of the key chapters parents of teens can use to enhance open dialogue and respect with their teens.  In fact it even works with misbehaving adults!

Does it Work with Babies?

The principles and methods apply to children of all ages. We developed this program as a way for parents to learn how to control the hidden triggers of misbehavior, and how to respond to the needs without resorting to authoritarian or permissive discipline. Although the current edition of the Democratic Parenting ebook is focused on kids from one to twelve, parents of babies will greatly benefit from the chapters on stress, healing and the hidden triggers of behavior.

Kids grow up so fast! It seems one day they are a sweet little baby and the next they are toddling around the house. Democratic Parenting is invaluable for all parents of babies because within months, right in front of your eyes, they’ll morph into little toddlers. If you are a parent of a baby, or you know someone who is, then get this ebook. It will be the best present the baby will receive.

What if the Parents Disagree?

When parents disagree about how to raise their kids it can be really tough. The stress created by this has even been known to lead towards parent break-up. As challenging as this can be, it’s a reality for so many modern parents. Sometiems there are big disagreements, sometimes small ones.

What we recommend for parents in this situation is to immediately stop arguing with the other parent. Stop the conflict as soon as possible (LIKE NOW). If the child’s safety is at risk, then intervention should be swift and immediate, to prevent physical or mental harm to the child.

Luckily, a speedy resolution and a total transformation of your family environment is actually possible. Just follow these three steps…

1) In most cases one parent tends to be more authoritarian, while the other is more permissive. Whichever approach you tend to, you must first disengage from the conflict by neither defending your way, nor attacking the others.

2) The second step is to read Democratic Parenting. Order the ebook, read it, and start to practice it on your own.

3) If you have a history of butting heads with your partner over your parenting styles, then whatever you do, do not try and stuff Democratic Parenting down their throat. This will only make them more defensive and more resistant to any change. The best method is to simply leave the ebook lying around the house where they can see it. Allow them to open and flip through the ebook on their own. Let the ebook itself do the speaking, and you just focus on practicing the methods yourself with the kids.

If you are no longer with the other parent of your child, then the same thing applies. Do not argue or engage in any conflicts with them. Instead, give them Democratic Parenting as a gift. You don’t even have to say anything with it. Wrap it up and say: “Here’s a gift for you.”

If the disagreement is pretty minor and the parents still have a positive dialogue, then the other parent may be quite open to the principles in Democratic Parenting.

How do Normal Kids Benefit?

This ebook contains principles of behavior that apply to all children. Normal and Special. It’s not just for families with behavioral challenges, this ebook is for all parents. It’s a useful reference for all caregivers of children who want to raise a truly empowered next generation. Grandparents, babysitters, nannies and teachers will all find this ebook of great value and encouragement.

The methods in the ebook works to increase the cooperation of any child, even children who are already mostly well behaved. Among other skills, you will learn ways to improve your child’s communication skills, and how to improve their concentration abilities.

What have other Parents said about it?

Over 60,000 parents follow Democratic Parenting, and quite a few have written to us to tell us their story. You can read some of them on the left side of the page or on our facebook page.

You can read some of our testimonials here

Are your Kids Driving you Nuts,
or Setting you Free?
  • The terrible twos, trying threes, fearsome fours, furious fives, scary sixes, all the way to the rebellious teens! With so many “difficult” ages, are there any years when parents get to enjoy their kids?

  • We believe these are overused stereotypes. We believe that the time to enjoy your kids is now. Make every day magical, every week memorable and every year a treasure.

  • But our busy lives gets in the way. Our careers, work, bills, obligations and other duties demand so much of our daily attention. Modern parenting is an adventure in juggling a ga-zillion details. This stress affects us – and it affects our children!

  • Raising kids is not easy – it takes effort, patience and inner strength. Occasional clashes between you and your child are normal. But when it becomes a daily power struggle it can drive even the most patient parents over the edge.

  • The skills taught in Democratic Parenting have been described as a powerful “cooperation button.” All you ahve to do is read it, apply its lessons and you can press that button any time you need to. The ebook teaches a core set of parenting skills — real life, real world, practical skills. That you can apply when your child acts up.

  • At first, this “cooperation button” appears far off. But it’s not. You quickly realize how many of the Democratic Parenting methods you’re already using. Just one little piece of information can make the difference between a tantrum and laughter. You’ll find Democratic Parenting filled with these nuggets, that act like missing pieces to the puzzle of happy parenting.

  • Often, just a slight shift, just a small action, or a little twist in your reaction is all you needed to get it bang on. This ebook helps you find that balance. It helps you be more firm and confident where you’re too permissive, and more flexible and understanding where you’re too authoritarian.

Behavior is not a “Stage in Life,”
it’s a Response.
  • We all understand this intuitvely, but we can easily forget it. There is always a REASON for behavior issues. Behavior can be misleading and confusing sometimes though. Because most of the time the “trigger” of the behavior, is not the true “cause” of it. The cause is either a deeper unmet need, a stress, or an outside influence that makes kids misbehave, act distracted, distant, whiny, upset or even angry.

  • Children think and feel differently than adults.This is obvious, however it’s so easy to find ourselves getting frustrated because our kids are acting like kids. Um… isn’t that what they are? The way we see the world and the way they do is rarely the same. Expecting kids to think and act like us is a frustrating mistake. If you really want to get access your child’s “cooperation button”, you need to understand what makes your child tick. It’s simpler than think.

  • Using the chapters in the ebook, you learn a whole new way of connecting with your child. You develop a bond so deep and love that it transforms your life.

What You will Learn in this ebook:

  • – The difference between authoritarian, permissive and democratic discipline. What are the effects of using each method? Is there a time to be authoritarian and a time to be permissive? Find out.
  • – The effects of bribes and rewards, and how these short-term solutions can result in worse behaviors later on—and what to do instead.
  • – What causes children to become frustrated, distracted and over-stimulated? When they are upset, you’ll learn how to help them express frustration in a healthy and safe way.
  • – Fun games that melt frustrations, sibling rivalry and resistance, and how to play them with one child or many.
  • – How methods like Self-Directed Play and Play Attention Time can transform even the most defiant, distracted and upset child into the sweetheart you know is hiding inside.
  • – Five magic words and phrases used in our Connective Communication method to help your child listen, pay attention and behave.
  • – How to Set Limits that children respect and follow, without raising your voice or using punishments.
  • – What to do and what not to do during Family Meetings, with important pointers—from beginning the meeting to closing the meeting—on how to make this time so special your kids will look forward to it.
  • – Guidelines for how to use Natural Consequences, which foster clear thinking and good judgment in your child. You’ll no longer need to use harsh discipline methods.
  • – How to peer-pressure-proof your children, improve their communication and give them the best opportunities for social success in life through specific ways of relating and listening to them.
  • – What you need to know about television, video games, sugar, sleep and exercise. The balance is easier to reach than you may think.

What Kind of Child Behavior Problems can Democratic Parenting Help with?

This ebook is not just for families with major child behavior challenges. This ebook is for all parents. But if you are having major issues with your child’s behavior – this ebook is definitely for you. You will discover gems and methods to deal with virtually any kind of behavioral problem.

What makes Democratic Parenting so effective in resolving challenging behaviors is the approach. The methods focus on the root-cause of the behavior. This is the only way you can make permanent and swift change in your child’s behavior: by focusing on the root-cause.

How to Deal with Sleeping Issues.

It can be so frustrating when children avoid going to bed or downright resist it with bedtime dramas or tantrums. Other children don’t stay in their own bed and wake you up at night. Do your kids wake up at night? Chapter 17 in Democratic Parenting deals exclusively with Smart Sleeping Habits.

Tantrums, Defiance, Backtalk, Lying, Rebellion, Power Struggles, Fighting, Butting Heads and Arguments.

In Democratic Parenting you will learn dozens of different ways you can respond to your child’s rebelliousness, resistance or trouble-making. All of which include no punishments and no rewards. How is this possible?

By using the methods of Connective Communication and Setting Limits, described on pages 115 to 164 in the Democratic Parenting.

Bullying, Peer Pressure,
Self-Esteem and Confidence

What do bullies prey on? Low self-esteem and poor self-confidence. Children raised in the oppressive environments of authoritarian parenting become at risk for not only being the victim of a bully, but sometimes for becoming the actual bully.

One of the risks of using a reward or incentive system with your child is that they will become more easily manipulated by the prospect of material or social gain. In high school, social belonging or bullying can become a real problem. Some children or teens may feel so outcast that their values can be easily corrupted by the need to feel like they belong. Children raised with Democratic Parenting will develop a healthy confidence, good judgement and clear thinking that makes them immune to peer pressure and an untouchable to would-be bullies.

Democratic Parenting peer pressure proofs your child through nourishing their needs for attention, connection, participation, affection and information within the home. If these needs are not met within the home, then it is only natural that the child, or teen, will seek them elsewhere.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder [A.D.D. & A.D.H.D.]

Although it’s not a cure, children who have been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (A.D.D.) or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (A.D.H.D.) can benefit the most from using using the methods in Democratic Parenting. Children with attention and excessive energy thrive in democratic environments. You should order this ebook immediately.

Autism, Asperger’s, Social,
Learning and Adaptive Difficulties

This ebook is no cure to these issues, but these children can really make huge improvements in their social and emotional skills with these methods. Children who have been diagnosed with autism, aspergers, learning disorders or adaptive difficulties all show symptoms of disassociation, strong emotional reactions and difficulties with social interaction. The principles of Democratic Parenting can have a tremendous effect on these children because they will soon feel much more connected when you use the communication skills taught in Chapter 10 of Democratic Parenting.

What if my Child on Prescribed Medication for Psychological Problems like A.D.D., A.D.H.D., O.D.D., Autism, Asperger’s, Anxiety, etc.?

If your child is on prescribed medication, then you definitely want to order this ebook. Democratic Parenting will not only help with some of the behavioral issues your child is having but it will also help them feel better about having these problems. It’s very common for children who get diagnosed with these disorders to begin to feel isolated or disconnected because they feel like something is “wrong” with them. This can further negatively impact their personality development. Democratic Parenting will greatly help by giving your child a healthy voice through which they can express their true inner greatness with less stigma about their differences and challenges.

How Long Before I See Improvements
in my Child’s Behavior?

Depending on your own situation and your child’s needs, Democratic Parenting generally takes anywhere between 14 to 30 days before you start to see changes in your child. Some children need more time than others to transition into new behavior. It may take up to 3 months is some cases. While other seemingly impossible kids may have a dramatic shift within the first week.

In most cases, you’ll start to see results fairly quickly after you begin this program, within months you will see a total transformation in your child’s behavior by following the guidelines in Democratic Parenting.

What are the Free Bonuses
that are Included with the ebook?

To make sure that the efforts you put towards building a strong and beautiful relationship with your children work, we are offering you six free bonuses. These bonuses complement the ebook, significantly helping you achieve your goals by reinforcing the lessons in this guide.

The bonuses are a comprehensive set of e-mail based e-courses, audio mp3 exclusive interviews and reports. Get true, practical advice from world-famous parenting experts and doctors such as Naomi Aldort, PhD, Dr. Haiman, Dr. Robert Brooks and more.

These bonuses are amazing; you do not want to miss out. One mother told us that as she was listening to one of the bonus interviews, a switch flipped inside her and she just “got it.” Within a week her relationship with her daughter blossomed! Motherhood became what she had always dreamed it would be!

These Free Bonuses that come with every purchase of Democratic Parenting include:

– 7 Effective Alternatives to Punishment

– 11 Super-foods That Kids Love

– Teaching Children Respect

– Post-Natal Depression

– 5 Reasons to Stop Saying “Good Job”

– Teaching Through Love Instead of Fear

– How to Raise a Happy and Cooperative Child with Half the Effort

– What Every Parent Needs to Know about Discipline, Punishment and Rules

– How to Raise a Resilient Child

Make sure you become a parenting expert too by signing up to get the bonuses, sent directly to your inbox. All for free when you order Democratic Parenting.

How do I Order?

Watch this Video:

Life is Good!

Life isn’t always easy, but it’s good. Children are a manifestation of that goodness. This is one of Democratic Parenting’s primary principles: “Life is good, and we want to teach our children that.”

It’s a balance. This ebook gives you some practical methods to achieve this balance more easily – and it’s up to you to put it all together.

Children make us hyper-sensitive to the speed at which time flies. It’s a race just to keep up with them! And like all parents, you probably want nothing more than to just enjoy every special moment with your child. Like when your four year-old asks you; “Why is the moon following us?”

These moments are their gifts to us – to remind us of the meaning of life. But too often, we miss them, distracted by our day-to-day chores and responsibilities, which make us miss out on these special and profound moments our children’s innocence give us.

Are you ready to start down a new path on your journey as a parent? One with more cooperation and less head-butting? Then it’s time to get started with Democratic Parenting.

“A Mother Holds her
Children’s Hands for a While,
and their Hearts Forever.”


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