Positive Parenting Tips

How Positive Parenting Tips Can Help Parents to Raise Their Children

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All parents love their children and want to raise them so that they can be self-sufficient and be a good member of the society. Parents care for them and put great efforts so that they grow up with positive self-esteem and attain success in life.

There are various things that parents do so that their child grow and learn easily during each stage of development. For this, positive parenting tips that are related to health, safety, behavior of children of all age groups are very helpful.

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With time, many things are drastically changing and family members are also switching their roles. Today, both the mother and the father have to take care of their kids and it is important that they spend quality time with them.

Though parents know various useful means to raise their children, but it isn’t always easy to follow what they know. Good positive parenting tips can help in effectively bringing up the child.

Parenting methods hold a great significance and every parent has their own style of bringing up their children. However, the question arises in what means parents can give their best of life.

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Some parents use positive parenting tips to bring up their children while some others use a method that may have a sense of negativity. So, what is positive parenting and how can it affect your child?

Positive parenting is a type of guidance that keeps your child in the right direction or helps them to choose the correct path. It is with these positive tips that you can raise your child without using any harsh discipline methods.

In simple words, positive parenting means:

  • Gentle behavior
  • Positive discipline
  • Loving guidance
  • Dutiful and considerate

The long term benefits of positive parenting


It has been observed that good parenting has great benefits compared to scolding, timeouts and punishments. Following positive parenting tips help to bring about:

Stronger relationships: One most important thing that gets strengthened is the parent-child relationship. It involves recognition from good behaviors rather than punishing them for negative ones.

Frequent scolding can destroy relationships and lead to more misbehavior. Setting limits through loving guidance helps children to improve their behavior instead of getting angry with you.


Reduce struggles: Positive parenting tips help to reduce power struggle that parents usually face while controlling their children. Punishing children for misdeeds often make them feel terrible, which often ends up in power struggles.

So make sure that you set limits for your child with empathy and this will help you to handle crucial situations that can damage relationships. Children will always learn to treat themselves in the same manner you have treated them.

If you are rude and harsh, they too will learn to be harsh themselves.

Good understanding of feeling: Children can very easily understand the feelings and so it can be used to make them disciplined. You must sincerely share your feelings with them and ensure that your child understands your feelings and does not repeat any behavior that is not acceptable.


What Do I Know?

All parents tend to think at times that they know what is best for their own children. And you know what? In my opinion all these parents would be right!

For me personally having children has completely shaped me as a human being. Whilst being pregnant you learn all the different movements your baby is making inside you, and for me we my babies were active inside me, this is when they tended to be active after they were born too.

A pattern formed, and I was already in-tune with that pattern.
In saying that though, as the kids have aged, their patterns and routines have changed.


Whilst their younger years I saw them flourish better with a daily routine and cycle, after they started walking I had to be flexible in my thinking and compromise that schedule to suit their needs.

There is a lot of give and take being a parent, you really do need to “pick your battles”, as they say, and this rings true for you when your children approach adolescence. Here is where I find myself at today.

I instilled in their growth, along with their father, gentle behaviors’ towards oneself and others, positive and at time not so positive discipline, both my husband and I have maintained a loving approach to them both and their needs and queries have always been the most important to us, whilst they’ve grown as little people.

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Continuing to do these things and never forgetting to share a warm embrace and tell the kids on a daily basis that you love them and give them positive feedback about you’re the things you love most about them is really important to kids as they age.

Kids just want to feel valued and you can do this by simply telling them that they make you feel happy, when they do something sweet or simply when they are passing you by. Often when I ask the kids to help out around the house I do so, not so that can pitch in, but so that I can praise them for doing a good job, even if they didn’t do it to the standard that I would do it.

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The point is that they did do it, and they had a red hot go right?
Like pregnancy and birth all the world’s children are unique in their own special way, they are all going to learn at a different pace, the sooner parents’ stop putting high expectations on their children and appreciating their kids for this, the more those children will feel special.

This is a huge strength to their self-confidence and importance.

There will be times, when you catch your children lying to you, at those time, you need to be assured, you’re not the only parent that has dealt with dishonesty before, reinforcing a level of trust will help you raise honest kids, so make sure throughout their journeys’ you give them some lead and let them know that you trust them to do the right thing, and the deceitfulness won’t occur as much.

One thing my mother instilled in me was the power to never give up. She has this amazing ability, not unlike myself, to continue on a path of positivity regardless of what life has thrown in her way. Encouragement from her growing up has helped me achieve this attitude, I know that I can do something, because I believe in myself.

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I am extremely grateful for all that my mother has done for me and will continue to go above and beyond for the children that I bought into this world. I have taught them to be grateful for their surroundings and for what they have and to always think of others despite hardships that may fall at their feet.

I will continue to encourage and speak to them about life in general daily and plug into their worlds’ so that they aren’t feeling like I simply don’t understand what is happening their life.

In doing all this I know that I’ve given my kids the very best head start in life. Don’t ever put work or the pressures of your life in-front of your children’s needs. My mum always says “family first”, and this is how it should always be.

Author: Ammie Harm C/Judi Jaques www.affiliatemasteryinstitute.com